Holy Trinity Outreach and Volunteer Survey

Holy Trinity is currently involved in several outreach programs, and we would like to become involved in more – but we need volunteers to do so.

We would like to know your interest in assisting as an organizer or participant in one or more of these programs.

It is our prayer that by reaching out to the community we can make people more aware of Holy Trinity’s presence, and even more importantly, give them the comfort and joy of knowing Jesus as their Savior.

Thank you for taking this survey and assisting with our outreach!

Holy Trinity’s Mission Committee
– Joshua Ohlmann, chairman
– David Koenig
– Philip Stockman
– Charles Stockman
– Glenn Oster
– Pastor David Pfeiffer


Please indicate for which of the following outreach activities, if any, you are able to provide assistance.

Kid's Day of Lexington (Last Saturday in April).

Volunteers are needed at our booth to hand out religious trinkets and coloring sheets to children, as well as information about our church and school to parents.  As well as the planning efforts, we need three “shifts” on the day of the event – 7:30-9:00 am (to set up the booth), 9:00 t0 Noon, and Noon to 3:00 pm.
     It is a fun event – we usually have 500+ kids come by our booth.

Devotions / Caroling to senior citizens or at nursing homes (3-4 times/year – e.g. Christmas, Easter).

Vacation Bible School (July 15-19, 2024).

Volunteers are needed both to help during the week of VBS, as well as prepare for this week.

Mentoring / playing games / spending time with underprivileged youth

Several members have assisted at Palmetto Place – a young adult facility (usually on a quarterly basis). We may also soon have an opportunity to assist at a center for foster children.

Gathering books for Foster Kids

Foster kids have the opportunity to read books while at their foster homes, but they usually have no books when they return home.   We would provide books that they can take home with them after foster care.

Handing out flyers in neighborhoods for holidays and special events

Food Bank – Gathering and/or distributing food to needy families (Thanksgiving/Christmas)

Please let the Mission/Outreach Committee know of any families which need such help during the holidays.

Christmas gifts – Gathering and/or distributing to needy families

Please let the Mission/Outreach Committee know of any families needing assistance during the holidays.

Assist elderly people (members and non-members) with yardwork and odd jobs.

Assist our Missions / Outreach Committee in our outreach efforts

Are there any additional outreach projects or activities you would suggest?

What is your name?

Thank you for assisting in Holy Trinity’s Outreach to the community.  The Lord has greatly blessed our congregation.  We are excited about opportunities to share our blessings (both spiritual and material) with others.